NOTICE: Please be informed that we will not be accepting any orders for deliveries prior to Lunar New Year.
Orders received will only be shipped from 19th February 2018.
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Like some of the greatest journeys ever embarked on, ours began with love. A nostalgia to slow down time through a moment of self-pampering. A passion to create a product made from natural ingredients of the finest quality.

Meticulous attention
to quality

We go the extra mile to find the best. Whether it means crossing continents or extensively trying out every single possibility – we only stop at perfection.

A focus
on design

We pursue our craft with intention and purpose. Whether it means finding the most skilled craftsman or embracing new technology, we push the limits to deliver the perfect product every single time.

Almond Bloom Blueprint

to every detail

For us, it wasn’t just about what you would taste but also how you would taste it. To craft the perfect experience, we’ve designed our very own ritual tools so that you can enjoy every single bloom.

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A visual journey into the world of beauty and pampering.