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Double Ritual Kit (old)

Perfect for two to enjoy the full pampering ritual of NestBloom in each other's company. Includes two ritual double-wall glass bowls, two ritual crystal spoons, one hourglass, and two blooms of your choice.

Price SGD$158.0

The Ritual

1. Add Hot Water

2. Stir Well

3. Pause for 5 minutes

4. Now Indulge

It’s all in the little details.

Every single one of our blooms deserves to be enjoyed with an indulgent experience – that is why we crafted the NestBloom Ritual Kit.

Double-walled glass bowls ensure just the right amount of heat is kept in. A little mark on its wall makes it a breeze to add a precise amount of water. And a beautiful hourglass helps you keep track of the 5 minutes seeping time required to achieve a well-prepared consistency. All so that every bloom you indulge in is pure perfection.


Bloom Craft

Every petal crafted to perfection. Every bloom a work of art.

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