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Original Almond Bloom


Carefully selected bird's nest is balanced by the rich and lush flavor of the finest almonds and a hint of pure rock sugar – an original that is a beloved staple in every pampering ritual. *In Foil Packaging*

Price $33.0

The Ritual

1. Add Hot Water

2. Stir Well

3. Pause for 5 minutes

4. Now Indulge

The Lush Base Of Every Bloom

Only the sweetest Chinese almonds from China are harvested to create our signature almond milk. Light, mellow and flavourful, it is a taste that can only be created with 100% freshly grounded quality almonds.

Filled With: Almonds are brimming with various lipids, nutrients and Vitamin E. Beauty-Loving Benefits: Famed to keep skin hydrated and glowing, this lush ingredient is key to a radiant complexion.


Bloom Craft

Every petal crafted to perfection. Every bloom a work of art.

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