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Red Ginseng Bloom (+$10)

Infused with highly concentrated premium ginsenoside extract that boasts 13 unique patents in extraction techniques, the Red Ginseng Bloom is a perfect matrimony of two traditional & powerful wellness tonics for modern self-care rituals. Experience a well-rounded boost to your health, cognitive function & beauty with this imperial Bloom.

      • Flower Profile: Dahlia
      • Taste Profile: Aromatic deep red ginseng smell is accompanied by a light bitterness , and lightly sweetened by Rock Sugar
      • Ingredients: Bird's Nest, Red Ginseng extract
      • *In Foil Packaging*

Price SGD$10

The Ritual

1. Add Hot Water

2. Stir Well

3. Pause for 5 minutes

4. Now Indulge

Origin: Busan, South Korea

The Dahlia has often been known to flourish in harsh environmental conditions. For
this it has been associated with notions of strength through adversity, and the
elegance to bloom despite the odds.



Bloom Craft

Every petal crafted to perfection. Every bloom a work of art.

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